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Large scale interior wall graphics

MarcoSolo Design was hired by Corporate Interior Solutions to create 4 different large-scale interior graphics in the Regions Tower for commercial developer Flaherty & Collins. F&C was taking over two floors of the building and wanted to highlight it's work and the city it resides in - Indianapolis. CIS was wanting to install floor to ceiling graphics in 4 key areas of the building. We came up with 4 ideas and MarcoSolo Design went to work. IDEA #1 was a 48' wide wall, the concept was using 300+ images from over...
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Firestone counter mat

When you walk up to the counter at most auto parts stores they have a counter mat selling a product. Firestone needed a counter mat to highlight their Ride-Rite Air Springs. Like a lot of other advertising formats you only have a few seconds to capture the readers attention, the counter mat needed to draw the attention quickly before they moved on to something else. The illustration showing a truck with and without the air springs has been a good attention grabber for those in the market for the product....
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Organic SEO

I received a call today from a potential client looking for information on getting a logo, website and packaging created for a new business. We talked for awhile about the business and it's exact needs. I asked for a few days to do some research then I'd get back in touch with pricing. Before I hung up I asked how they find out about MarcoSolo Design, the caller said "we Googled "web design Indianapolis" and you showed up on the first page! I have not Googled my business for awhile...
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