Cellular Necessities website

Cellular Necessites is a cell phone repair and accessory store with kiosks located in Castleton Square and Greenwood Park Mall. A previous client recommended Cellular Necessities to contact MarcoSolo Design to update there marketing. CN did not have much marketing at all to help promote business; no website, no visible advertising on the kiosk to pull customers in. We started off by taking the existing logo and updating it, adding in an image of the kiosk and altering the font.

MSD created a website to help customers learn more about what CN offers with accessories and how they can help clients in repair. The website was built with SEO in mind. Headlines and body copy were carefully thought out to improve the content placement on search returns of potential customers. New client traffic from the website has been tremendous, CN has gotten new business daily due to it.

Social media was another avenue the client had not jumped into. MSD set up FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Blog accounts. MSD manages the accounts for the client and generally posts content every 24-48hrs. We use client supplied information along with what we can find online that relates to the business.

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