• Fit Livin’ – event promotional poster

    Fit Livin’ – event promotion

    Fit Livin’ hosts community nights one Thursday each month during the summer. They are intended to bring together the community and promote physical fitness through setting goals. Posters, yard signs...

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  • Firestone – promotional banner

    Firestone – promotional banner

    Large banner created to highlight Airide systems for Firestone....

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  • Fit Livin’ promotional brochure

    Fit Livin’ promotional brochure

    Fit Livin’ is a corporate wellness company based on creating goals to strive for. They are launching a new app to help users track goals and receive motivation from others....

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  • Firestone counter mat

    Firestone counter mat

    Counter mat for Firestone dealers highlighting the benefits of Ride-Rite....

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  • Cellular Necessities – Selfie Arm ad

    Cellular Necessities – Selfie Arm

    The Selfie Arm is the hot item currently in the mobile phone world! It allows the user to attach a cell phone to the end so better “selfie’s” can be...

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  • DMD Pharmaceuticals – EPHED display

    DMD Pharmaceuticals – EPHED displa

    DMD Pharmaceuticals has a tough job of selling products that are only sold from behind the counter – OTC or Over-The-Counter.. They are items that the FDA says can only...

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  • Cellular Necessities – kiosk graphics

    Cellular Necessities – kiosk graph

    Cellular Necessities is a full service cellular phone repair shop that also sells protective cases. They are located in Castleton Square and Greenwood Park malls. They are in a very...

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  • Garvin Dentistry – website

    Garvin Dentistry – website

    Garvin Dentistry is a family and cosmetic dental office located in Carmel, Indiana. MarcoSolo Design created the first website for Dr Garvin in 2008, it served it’s purpose for the...

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  • Sever Storey – MultiSport Team kits

    Sever Storey – MultiSport Team kit

    Sever Storey Law Firm has been a client of MarcoSolo Design since MSD first went into business 7+ years ago so we have a lot of history together. The Sever...

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