Portfolio Category: web development

Hamilton Environmental Consulting – website development

Hamilton Environmental Consulting reviews all aspects of the operations, for Wastewater, Stormwater, Collection system, Pretreatment and Management. They can recommend solutions to keep you compliant and help grow your business. The company has been around for 20+ years but needed a larger voice in the market, the website has definitely helped them gain business....
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Garvin Dentistry – website

Garvin Dentistry is a family and cosmetic dental office located in Carmel, Indiana. MarcoSolo Design created the first website for Dr Garvin in 2008, it served it's purpose for the time but needed updated recently. We decided it was best to start from scratch since technology had changed so much. When the site was first created we weren't designing for mobile use like we are today. It would have taken longer and cost more money to modify the existing site then to just build a new one. The new site...
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JT McHugh – website

When printing press companies across the world need new offset printing press blankets they call on a company in Fishers, IN. JT McHugh produces offset printing press blankets and ships them worldwide. They did not have much of a presence on the web, received most of their business from referrals from previous clients. We produced a custom site that showcased what they can do and the overall feel of the business. The site has helped them reach new customers and reconnect with customers they have not heard from in awhile....
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