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Cellular Necessities – Selfie Arm ad

The Selfie Arm is the hot item currently in the mobile phone world! It allows the user to attach a cell phone to the end so better "selfie's" can be taken. It extends the cell device out away from you for better photo results! Check them out at Cellular Necessities in Castleton Square and Greenwood Park Malls....
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DMD Pharmaceuticals – EPHED display

DMD Pharmaceuticals has a tough job of selling products that are only sold from behind the counter - OTC or Over-The-Counter.. They are items that the FDA says can only be obtained by asking the store clerk, most can only be sold one per customer. The client asked MarcoSolo Design to create a table top stand that tells the story about the OTC items differently than the other products available. Most items are in a locked glass cabinet behind the counter, they are visible but blend in with all the...
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