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Sever Storey – MultiSport Team kits

Sever Storey Law Firm has been a client of MarcoSolo Design since MSD first went into business 7+ years ago so we have a lot of history together. The Sever Storey team has been talking about getting cycling and triathlon kits for a few years and they finally decided to go through with it this year. MSD wanted something catchy and noticeable since the kits would serve as billboards. We kept with the color and fonts that have been branded for SS over the years but added in a new...
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Fit Livin’ MultiSport Team kits

Fit Livin' is a startup wellness company looking to create a healthy lifestyle and reverse the trend of unhealthy living. They have a MultiSport Team consisting of 110 members. MarcoSolo Design created a look for the team to give them a presence and to stand out amongst the sea of other teams. MSD designed an asymmetrical look with green on the left and white on the right. This style is seen through out the entire clothing line - triathlon top/bottom, cycling top/bottom, jackets, vests, hats, gloves, socks, etc. The clothing...
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