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A large portion of us use the internet to find out information on products, services, etc. It gives us an insight as to what is offered, price, service amongst many other categories. It saves time from having to call and ask your questions about the business or service. Websites are businesses first line of selling their service or product. It needs to quickly grab the attention of the user and help them easily navigate through so they can find their information. The fewer clicks it takes to find the info the better, no one wants to have to click 9 different pages to just find the contact number! MarcoSolo Design designs websites so they are easily navigable, function well, visually stand out and show up well when internet searches are done. They need to be intuitive, inviting, engaging, informative and not just look good. We listen to what our clients need then provide them with options that will help get them what they are looking for. We are a creative company, we will design your site to be as visually appealing as possible without going overboard and hurting the site’s overall functionality.

Need a website or just need your current website updated? Give us a call, shoot us an email and we’ll chat! We are changing Indianapolis and surrounding cities websites, one at a time! 317-946-4897

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