Packaging design

Packaging is one of the favorite items to work on at MarcoSolo Design. It is fun to see a 2-D rendering come to life and be a tangible item on your hands. It also brings us a smile when we walk into a store and see packaging we have designed sitting on the shelf. Packaging is about enclosing a product for protection and making it sellable. The art on the package has a big job to do, it has to grab your attention and get you to pick it amongst a sea of other products trying to do the same. Some of the products we do packaging for are only 3″ tall so we really have to grab you quickly with correct title and sub head information. The title of the product can’t be long, has to be short and to the point for a few reasons: #1) the shorter the title the larger or more defined you can make it. #2 you only have a second or two to tell your product story before the customer moves down the line and possibly chooses a competitors product.

Bottles, blister packs, packets, spray bottles, jugs, sleeves, boxes etc. If you need any of these items designed, call us! We can even get them manufactured! We are based in Westfield but have clients in Carmel, Indianapolis and across the midwest – 317-946-4897

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