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DMD Pharmaceuticals – Packaging

DMD Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading (and original) suppliers of pharmaceutical products. Their products can be found in convenience stores, gas stations, pharmacies, etc. across the US. DMD is one of MarcoSolo Design's first clients and is still with them 7 years later. MSD creatively designs packaging and promotional materials with the end user in mind. A lot of time and thought goes into font size and color, keeping in mind we only have a few seconds to capture the customer as they are walking through the store. The...
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Packaging for environmentally friendly products

ABM (Advanced Biological Marketing) was founded by farmers, agronomists, and agricultural and consultants. It is focused on creating environmentally friendly products for both the farmer and everyday consumer. MarcoSolo Design was tasked to help launch the NaturAll product line. This line represents household materials - multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, septic digester, etc. The products are all natural and earth friendly so we wanted a packaging line that appeared the same way, very clean and to the point. MSD had worked with bottle sleeves for another company, but for 2oz not...
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