2001 Golf TDI – Stage 2

Up for sale is a 2001 Volkswagen Golf TDI. This was purchased from a family member 10/31/20, we are the second owner. The original owner purchased the Golf from the VW dealership in Lafayette IN in 2001 after it was built in Germany. The Golf is in pristine condition for its age and runs flawlessly averaging 45 mpg. It has an RC2 tune from Rocket Chip and is a blast to drive. We have recently added BBS wheels. It has been garaged for the past 5 years and driven sparingly since. We have decided to sell in order to get a truck. This car is quick and is an absolute blast. The headrests for the rear seat have never been installed and are included in the sale. Below is the list of parts/upgrades:

Most of the maintenance and OEM upgrade parts have come from idparts.com.

• smoked tail lights from an r32
• smoked side markers – eBay
• smoked side signals – eBay
• headlights w/ integrated fog lights DEPO brand. Headlights are German E-code Hella copies.
(a small envelope in the glove box has the NAPA part numbers for the European bulbs, as they are not what will be listed in a catalog)
• Genuine OE European headlight switch with front and rear fog light controls (pull when switched on to engage fog lights, two positions)
• Integrated fog light wiring harness from ECS tuning
• rear single  fog light kit – ECS tuning
• Genuine OE VW FUNK switch wired to light up with dash but not connected to anything. This is a VERY rare original part.
• frost heater winter plug-in coolant heater- frostheater.com

• Center console 2004+ with cup holder from an R32, including the later 2004+ Ebrake bracket
• New Ebrake cables in 2019
• Armrest from a GLS Jetta
• R32 leather e-brake handle and matching leather shift boot
• NewSouth Performance color-matched TDI Boost gauge w/ NoBuzz adapter and molded steering column pod
• 1/8″ stereo headphone mini-plug installed in the DIN cubby. Use by selecting CD on the head unit. The old iPhone charger adapter is still installed but is obviously obsolete.
• New headliner in 2019
• New antenna 2019
• New antenna base 2019
• Original VW MonsterMat floor mats. I still have the original carpet set if you want them.

Exterior body:
• The front bumper cover was replaced after a low speed run in with a fire hydrant about 15 years ago.
• The rear trunk lid was replaced after a friend with a lifted truck bumped it at low speed, car was new with only a couple thousand miles on it when it happened. Glass is still original.
• Front fenders were replaced under VW warranty at 11 years old due to rust
• Custom black vinyl badge skins- probably the only one like it in existence.
• Heavy galvanized steel “defender” skid plate under the engine (oil pan protection)- heavier than the aluminum “panzer” aftermarket plate that is currently being sold
• New underbody rubber plugs 2019

• Fratelli Bosio PP205 injectors – kermatdi.com
• nEGR, EGR cooling system, and ASV completely deleted, removed with block off plates installed. Sensors have been “tuned out” so the ECM does not look for them.
• “Race pipe kit” by DieselGeek
• Custom 2.5″ stainless steel exhaust w/ performance catalytic converter by whitbred- system was originally built for a Jetta, which is why it sticks out from the rear valence a couple of inches
• RC2 tune (rocketchip.com) stage 2- increase fueling and rev limits, increased torque and HP. Car was tuned in person by Jeff (rocketchip himself)
• Brass boost relief valve
• Vintage “oldnavy” machined billet aluminum oil cap and CCV oil separator- These parts are very rare and quite valuable.
• Rear main crank oil seal was replaced around 165k
• Timing belt was just replaced at 198K. this is a 100k mile service interval item and includes water pump, rollers, tensioner, etc.
• Accessory serpentine belt replaced at 198K, also a 100K service interval item.

• EurospecSport 21.5lb lightweight SMF (single mass flywheel conversion)
• Sachs VR6 clutch disk
• Audi TT OE short shifter

Steering and Suspension (most was replaced around 170K miles):
• Bilstein tc’s on vr6 GTI springs
• New OEM lower control arms
• New OEM ball joints
• New upgraded aftermarket drag links
• New OEM sway bar bushings
• New OEM Audi TT suspension bushings installed where possible in the subframe and control arms
• Rear Axle Bushings OEM @ 190k miles
• BBS wheels with tires that have lots of life left

Service intervals and oil:
• always used Shell Rotella T6 diesel truck oil OEM MANN oil filters, as well as OEM filters for Intake air (winter filter w/ extra layer) and cabin air.
Always Bosch or MANN fuel filters
• Oil changes always on the 10,000 mile mark and other filters changed on the 20,000 mile mark
• Brake fluid change about every 5 years- was done in 2019 when the rear axle was removed to replace the bushings, because the rear calipers needed to be unhooked at that time
• Transmission gear oil about every 6 or 7 years