Packaging for environmentally friendly products

ABM (Advanced Biological Marketing) was founded by farmers, agronomists, and agricultural and consultants. It is focused on creating environmentally friendly products for both the farmer and everyday consumer. MarcoSolo Design was tasked to help launch the NaturAll product line. This line represents household materials – multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, septic digester, etc. The products are all natural and earth friendly so we wanted a packaging line that appeared the same way, very clean and to the point. MSD had worked with bottle sleeves for another company, but for 2oz not 32oz. It was no problem working on a larger scale, all the way up to 64oz jugs. We had to keep in mind the bottle angles when designing the art for the sleeves that wrap the containers. We had to either keep content away from sharp angles or create the content to flow well with it so it was still legible.

Keeping the brand look from product to product was top on our priority. The consumer should be able to recognize all the product lines by the consistent look of the packaging set forth by brand management. That means using similar colors, fonts and keeping the general location of items similar.

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