DMD Pharmaceuticals – EPHED display

DMD Pharmaceuticals has a tough job of selling products that are only sold from behind the counter – OTC or Over-The-Counter.. They are items that the FDA says can only be obtained by asking the store clerk, most can only be sold one per customer. The client asked MarcoSolo Design to create a table top stand that tells the story about the OTC items differently than the other products available. Most items are in a locked glass cabinet behind the counter, they are visible but blend in with all the other goods for sale. DMD was allowed to have a table top display that would be placed on the counter near the register. They were given strict dimensions for the footprint so it did not take up much real estate. Plus it could be no taller than 15″ so it did not block the view for customers. DMD wanted to advertise Asthma and Nasal Decongestant products in 24ct boxes. MSD created design options for the client and provided material samples for them to feel as well. A 3mm thick PVC was the material of chose for it’s durability and low price. The display is first printed flat, then CNC routed for it’s final shape including cutting out the top pill and burst shape. It is then heat bent to create a base. The client is now delivering 150 displays throughout the US to certain convenience stores! MSD is now working on creating displays for other product lines for DMD.

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