Portfolio Category: Kiosk graphics

Flaherty and Collins – Lasting Legacy wall installation

MSD was commissioned to create 4 large installations in the new space for developer Flaherty and Collins in the Regions Tower in downtown Indianapolis. The client wanted to convey the positive impact they have made on the community and how it puts its employees first. This installation was to showcase the lasting legacy they are leaving with the city. We came up with a way of incorporating over 300 images to form the words "lasting legacy" on a long hallway. The end result is approximately 48' wide by 6' tall....
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DMD Pharmaceuticals – EPHED display

DMD Pharmaceuticals has a tough job of selling products that are only sold from behind the counter - OTC or Over-The-Counter.. They are items that the FDA says can only be obtained by asking the store clerk, most can only be sold one per customer. The client asked MarcoSolo Design to create a table top stand that tells the story about the OTC items differently than the other products available. Most items are in a locked glass cabinet behind the counter, they are visible but blend in with all the...
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