Fit Livin’ MultiSport Team – kits

Fit Livin’ is a wellness company based in Carmel, Indiana. They have a multi-sport and cycling team with approximately 110 members. MarcoSolo Design has designed kits for multiple endurance team so we were called on to create a look for FL. MSD wanted to make these kits really stand out amongst the crowd and make the design asymmetrical. ┬áThe triathlon and cycling kits are blue in the center area with logo and a few other graphics. The left sides are always green and the right sides are always white. When the tops and bottoms are pieced together they create a seamless flow from top to bottom. The bright green pops well against the blue and white and can be seen from a distance well.

Accessories were designed as well – caps, socks, knee/arm warmers, gloves, etc. The v-guy that is present in the logo is strategically placed on the items to give them a fun and playful feel. On the long sleeve jacket the v-guy appears to wrap around the right side from the back to the front. The kits and accessories have been well received, team members have put in requests for additional items that were not originally designed.

Need clothing graphics? Give MarcoSolo Design a call, we have many years of experience. 317-946-4897.

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