Organic SEO

I received a call today from a potential client looking for information on getting a logo, website and packaging created for a new business. We talked for awhile about the business and it’s exact needs. I asked for a few days to do some research then I’d get back in touch with pricing. Before I hung up I asked how they find out about MarcoSolo Design, the caller said “we Googled “web design Indianapolis” and you showed up on the first page! I have not Googled my business for awhile so I had no idea it showed up on the first page for web design and also found out it shows up first page for “logo” as well as “package” design. I was very excited to see I was on the first page for all those categories. Apparently my weeks and weeks of researching the best methods to move up with SEO really paid off. I was not looking to pay for Google AdWords yet, wanted to see what could be done with Organic SEO (free SEO) before venturing into paying for ranking. I’m not sure if it was one trick I did or a combination of them all but I will continue to do the same for my client websites. I’ve heard from two so far that are getting great internet traffic which has turned into more business!

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