Print Design

Print design encompasses just about everything that can be printed – brochures, sales sheets, billboards, corporate identity, catalogs, annual reports, ads and many many more items. The print materials need to keep the brand theme or overall look similar amongst pieces. This includes keeping colors, font and design style similar amongst all items within a company. You don’t want to have a brochure that uses a lot of yellow, clip art and the font Times New Roman next to a folder from the same company that is pink, uses illustrations and the font Din! The items within a company must work well with each other and keep a general feeling. At MarcoSolo Design we take great strides in either establishing the brand look or taking the existing style and moving forward with it. If your business needs help on the print design side we can help out with anything you throw at us!

Give us a shout to discuss your print needs. We are based in the Westfield / Carmel area, but have clients in Indianapolis and across the midwest – 317-946-4897

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