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Firestone counter mat

When you walk up to the counter at most auto parts stores they have a counter mat selling a product. Firestone needed a counter mat to highlight their Ride-Rite Air Springs. Like a lot of other advertising formats you only have a few seconds to capture the readers attention, the counter mat needed to draw the attention quickly before they moved on to something else. The illustration showing a truck with and without the air springs has been a good attention grabber for those in the market for the product....
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Fit Livin’ promotional posters

Fit Livin’ is a wellness company that promotes living a healthy lifestyle. The client wanted promotional posters based on the Fit Livin’ pyramid created by MSD. The pyramid has 5 areas - Foundation, Focus, Fuel, Fire and Flex. Each of the 5 areas represents a step in achieving a healthy lifestyle. The posters will be distributed to clients and placed on the company website. We did not want to create the usual exercise promotional posters but more inspirational. Posters were well received and are in the hallways of many clients....
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